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OneDollarBux is going to revolutionise the Online Advertising Industry forever. Launched in August 2019 with an aim to become one of the World's Largest Advertising Platform. We have Market Knowledge, Marketing Strategy and Best Leadership Team in the Industry to back up this claim.
Online advertising is a trillion dollar industry and has created multiple multi millionaires. Think about it, million of business owners, entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Affiliate marketers are looking to increase their presence online and paying great amount of money to advertise on platforms like Facebook, Google and Youtube. Do you have any idea how much money Facebook and Google made from these advertisement, did you get a share even though you watched those ads on their platform?
What if you had a platform where advertisers advertise and you get paid for just viewing their ads.
Thats where OneDollarBux comes in.


Registering is quick and free! Plus you will get ONE of 10,000 free Golden membership as soon as you joined.

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Earn & win money by surfing ads, viewing ads, participating in our monthly points contest and much more.

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Easily redeem the money you've earned and won in contest.

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Our website is made using modern technology and optimized to be easy to use fast and responsive.

How to win $1200

At OneDollarBux you could win one of these fantastic prizes by participating in our monthly point contest. Create an account right now and start to be a winner!


We developed a unique and sophisticated yet EASY TO USE advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities.

Build OneDollarBux from Home

You can earn a substantial income from home up to $4158 monthly, in your spare time! Utilizing our easy-to-follow business system, you can earn a substantial income by introducing the OneDollarBux platform to other people, who also follow our effective wealth building system.

Build OneDollarBux Worldwide

OneDollarBux allows you to build your business in more than 200 countries. All members of OneDollarBux receive a FREE Membership with which to build a global income. With more than two billion people online worldwide on a regular basis, you can literally find people anywhere to join your empowering network.

Partnership Program

Partnership program of the company has seven levels, which implies earnings not only from your direct referrals, but also from the deposits of investors who have been attracted by your referrals. Using partnership tools is unlimited, you can place a unique partnership link in the resource available to you online, on websites, forums, blogs, advertising platforms.

"Never depend on a single income, make investment to create a second source!" - Warren Buffett


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